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236: Journaling for the Not Yet Convinced - the GOOD, the BAD & the YUMMY

On Air with Ella - episode 236

THE GOOD: 21 Days of Journaling - DONE!

What you said:

Allyson: This made me realize I need to slow down and enjoy life more. I’m always so task-focused. I need to appreciate what is around me more.

Gladyris: This challenge has helped me slow down before my day starts and I feel more mindful throughout the day.

Mandy: I’m most surprised about what I am and am not writing about. I have like a million journals and they are about 97% about my weight and how I wasn’t good enough for anything. These were all handwritten journals. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try an online/app journal called One Day. I have experienced such a huge mental shift this last month and I just realized today that I’m not writing about my weight. I’ve got so much more going on in my life that I’m so excited about that my weight is no longer my focus and it feels amazing!

Donna: Loving that it makes me reflect and sit still with my thoughts and make me really think.

Victoria: This is definitely my favorite challenge so far. It has been making me more present and intentional. This is especially helpful now as I've been working from home for so long and one day just kind of flows into the next; it's all been a blur for so long. I used to be so focused and disciplined and I miss that. The daily prompts are helping me to start thinking that way again.

Jenny: This has been my favorite challenge as well! To be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time on the writing. Sometimes I have one word answers but the thoughts or intentions carry with me for the day or even days later! It has definitely helped me to be more present!

Alicia: I have to say I have been challenged. This is hard, but it helps. I am growing and becoming more mindful of what is important and focus my thoughts on what is TRUE. I have to say many questions are very hard for me. I am still developing this skill, baby steps, but I am coming around and spending a few minutes writing, praying, and having time of reflection. Just being quiet in my mind, because it is easily distracted and I get so overwhelmed. However, I am trying to be more grateful and be more gracious and working through the struggle. Being in this challenge and being accountable helps me get unstuck and shifts my mindset: giving me a perspective that helps me grow and let go of things I cannot control.


  • Grab a 5-Minute Journal

  • Express gratitude for something you haven’t received yet.

  • End every entry with an I AM statement.

THE BAD: Buying 100% New, 100% of the Time

Buy used! It's not only cheaper, sometimes it's actually BETTER. My tips for buying "New to Me:"

  • BOOKS - used bookstores, your library for free textbooks, and an app called LIBBY for renting free AUDIO BOOKS! I also love those free book exchanges that are increasing in popularity around neighborhoods and communities.

  • CLOTHES - make a fun day out of this and go consignment boutique hunting! Head to the nicest area nearby, and you can snag some really great pieces…sometimes with the original tags still on them!

  • CARS - I am allergic to buying new when it comes to cars. You have to be patient to make it happen, but you can save tens of thousands of dollars buying low mileage, previously owned!

  • ONLINE RESELLERS like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist and loads more!

What tips did I miss? Share so I can add them here!

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coconut matcha balls

THE YUMMY: Coconut Matcha Lime Balls

You'll need:

What to do:

  1. Remove the pits from your dates and soak them in water while you get your other ingredients together

  2. Add the shredded coconut to a food processor or high speed blender and process until it starts to break down and release some of the oils. (If you are planning to use more dates, you won’t need to process as long to get the ingredients to bind together.)

  3. Drain the dates, and add them and your other ingredients to the food processor/blender and continue to process until the ingredients bind together. (You may need to adjust for sweetness/consistency by adding more dates or a touch of honey.)

    • note: medjool dates are larger and stickier, and you won’t need as many as you do if using smaller, drier dates

  4. Roll the mixture into balls (or you can press it into silicone molds for shaped bites)

  5. Store in the fridge!

RECIPE & PHOTO:, via Tracy Ariza, creator & founder of Oh, The Things We'll Make! See more good stuff from Tracy at @thethingswellmake


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