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275: From the Brink of Divorce to a Hot, Intimate Marriage - Laurie Gerber

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 275 {REBROADCAST}


...even after over 20+ years together.

Laurie Gerber did not always believe that. There was a time when she and her husband Will were steering a sinking ship. They weren't having sex, they were barely talking. And then, she caught him flirting with her assistant. (Eek!)

Laurie says, "I had to figure out how to fix the leaks—fast. Thank God, I had my coach. She urged me to go into triage mode right away. So I asked my husband for a talk. And (taking her advice), I asked him for real feedback. What could I be doing better? And after some hemming and hawing, he came out with it. Turns out, I was an INTERRUPTER. And not just a “once in awhile” kind of way. More like the “why would he want to be in the same room with me” kind of way."

Sit in on my conversation with Laurie and hear everything she's learned since about building a hot, intimate relationship.

The greatest gift you can give your partner is your own personal integrity, your own love for yourself. When a person is whole, they have so much more to give. - Laurie Gerber



After holding several positions at Handel Group (HG) over the last 15 years, including President of HG Life, Laurie is currently Head Coach of HG Life, empowering HG’s team of life coaches and thought leaders to deliver The Handel Method with grace and wisdom to their thousands of clients.

Laurie is out to change the world, and she has a passion for coaching people who share that mission. She especially loves helping couples. Laurie wholeheartedly believes that when “love” is truly treated as a verb, world peace is possible. She works to prove this theory every day.


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