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BONUS: Be a Better Podcast Guest - Ella's 'Beyond the Image' podcast appearance

Beyond the Image podcast ep. 574


There is no point in being a guest on a podcast unless you plan on standing out and making it work for you and your brand. In this interview, James Patrick, renowned photographer and media specialist, interviews Ella to explore the key strategies for becoming a standout podcast guest. We delve into the art of standing out and making a lasting impression when you're invited to share your expertise.


In This Episode:

Ella's Podcasting Journey: Discover how Ella got started in the world of podcasting and the pivotal moments that shaped her successful career.

Secrets of World-Class Speakers: Uncover the traits and habits of the best speakers globally, and learn how you can incorporate these practices to elevate your podcast appearances.

• Listener-Centric Approach: Understand why focusing on the outcome you create for the listener is paramount and can set you apart in a saturated podcasting landscape.

• Preparation Tips: Get insights into the essential questions to ask a podcast host before being a guest and learn the power of sending your outline ahead of time.

Podcast Audience Dynamics: Explore why losing podcast listeners is more detrimental than on other social media platforms and strategies to keep your audience engaged.

• Navigating Challenges: Discuss whether you should air a bad episode and gain valuable tips on how to recover gracefully from unexpected hiccups.

• Industry Excellence: Learn how to be in the top 2% in your industry and capitalize on your podcast appearances to maximize your investment.

Repurposing Interviews: Uncover the potential for repurposing podcast interviews and leveraging them to amplify your brand across various platforms.


 🔗 Access Ella's "A Better Podcast Guest" handout and stay connected via Instagram: @onairwithella.


🔗 Connect with James: Explore James Patrick's work on his website and connect with him on Instagram: @jpatrickphoto.


Tune in to this episode to unlock the secrets of being an exceptional podcast guest and leave a lasting impact on both hosts and audiences alike!

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