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Catalyze Coaching Program

Ready to Launch 'Next Level' You?

Tired of spinning your wheels? Ready for a new result?
Working 1:1 with Ella may be the catalyst you need to unlock your next level . 

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Does this sound familiar?

You know exactly what you want - that big, bold vision for your life or career. ​​But, you just can't seem to get there. 

  • Are you struggling to make meaningful progress on your goals?

  • Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels and unable to move forward?

  • Do you feel paralyzed or uncertain about how to take the next step?

  • Are you finding it difficult to break out of your current patterns or habits?

It's time to create a new result. 

Are you ready to see what
100% looks like on you?

More "launch" coach than life coach.

I work with people who are - or aspire to be:
  1. Pivoting or up-leveling your career  
  2. Starting a business or entrepreneurial venture
  3. Developing a powerful personal brand 
  4. Looking to get unstuck personally or professionally transform your current results and launch the next-level version of you. 
ella lucas averett coach for women

This is a 6-week transformative experience where you'll have open access to me as your personal catalyst for change, mentorship and accountability.

Let's get started on future you NOW. 

Get clear, get confident, get results.

Catalyze 1:1 is 6 weeks of high-impact, results-oriented coaching. Together, we’ll refine your vision, create a custom action plan, and get to the result you want through a structured process designed specifically around your needs.

your goals
next steps
your plan
your results

How we'll work together

Goal Setting Call 

One 30-min Zoom call

A deep dive to identify where you are now and your key objectives.

3 Live Sessions

1-hr Zoom Calls

3 live sessions over 6 weeks with Ella, with clear actions in between to drive progress.

Real-time Support

Ad hoc emails / voice messaging

You'll have open access to Ella for support, feedback, and input in real-time; as much as 5x/week for 6 weeks. 

Total commitment: 6 weeks. Contact Ella for pricing.

*A note to business owners and Executive leaders: I am a B2B business strategist, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Trivista Group. If you need growth consulting or strategic facilitation with your team, get in touch with me here.

After 3 sessions, I finally started the side business that I had been 'sitting on' for 3 years.  The combination of Ella's business background and her ability to help me cut through the noise blew my mind. Thanks, Ella!

Jia L.

personal coaching for women note from ella "you will have open access to me during this 6-week intensive" coaching program for women
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If you are ready to start your next chapter, let's connect to see if Catalyze 1:1 is the right next step for you.

What you get

Leverage your own personal strategist (that's me!) to accomplish what you want.
Whatever your goal, you'll have a targeted, designed-for-you experience that provides:

Clarity + Simplicity

Straightforward and never complicated - even when it’s complex. Your way forward will be clear, actionable and measurable.

Accountability + Motivation

Sometimes we know what we need to do, but it takes someone else to hold us accountable and motivate us to keep us going until we get results.

Insight + Improvements

You'll leverage my 20+ yrs of consulting + 15 yrs of personal development, entrepreneurship, and communications strategy.

 A Strategy + A Plan

Motivation is great, but without a plan, you’re not truly leveling up. Ultimately, this is about equipping you to take action, to grow, to ACTIVATE.

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           Client Experience        

Ready to take one step toward your goal?

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looking forward to connecting,

Let's connect.



There is no obligation upon applying. It simply connects us to start the process.

You will receive a reply within 48 hours.

Waitlist FYI: Because of the level of 1:1 attention this program offers, I can accept only 3 candidates per quarter. If there are no slots open when you apply, you will automatically be added to the waitlist (either way we will let you know!).

I can't wait to meet future you.

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