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Where do you want to level up?

Download & print the free LIVE BETTER assessment

The 8 eight sections in the 'Wheel of Life' represent different aspects of your life. Rate your level of satisfaction with each area by marking the corresponding number, and connect the dots when done. 

The perimeter you  draw by connecting
the dots provides a visual assessment of
where you are now to help identify
where you want to be.
live better_life wheel_sample
It's not realistic to be experiencing a 10 in each section. Very rarely (ever?) can we have all things exactly as we would like them at the same time. 

The goal is to identify where you want to be more intentional. And, where are you ok with life as is?

We are here to live with intention, and to avoid sleepwalking through any area of our life. Taking the assessment 1x/quarter will help you be honest about where you are, and what to focus on to live your very best life.

Want to dig deeper?

I encourage you to learn about my 6-week, personal coaching program: 

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