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Executive Consultant | Business Owner | Entrepreneur | 4x Founder |  Speaker | Coach

Who I Am

In addition to podcast producer and host of On Air with Ella since 2015, I am Managing Partner of The Trivista Group, a strategic consulting firm that I co-founded in 2003. I'm a growth-stage consultant, professional speaker, competitive age-group triathlete, and Board member for the non-profit Ziva Voices.

Whether it's your business or personal life, my goal is to bring you resources that help you get more of what you want, and less of what you don't. 

Ella lucas averett, womens coach and podcast host, drinking coffee in cafe
ON AIR WITH ELLA lucas-averett speaker

Strategic Consultant | Speaker | Coach
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What I Do

  • FOR YOUR BUSINESS: If your organization is in a period of rapid growth (or transformation of any kind) and you want to engage your teams and take them to the next level, visit my strategic consultancy here.

  • FOR YOUR EVENT: If you're looking for a high-impact speaker for your next podcast or event, get in touch.


Sample keynote topics:

  • The Behaviors of High Performance: Excellence in Leadership

  • Creating an OWN IT Culture: Accountability drives business results

  • What triathlon taught me about competing in business

  • The Myth of Motivation (and what to do instead)

Sample workshop topics include:

  • Effective communications

  • Women in leadership

  • Personal branding / executive presence

  • Leadership development topics

  • Personal development topics

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