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Ella is Managing Partner of The Trivista Group, a strategic communications consulting firm that she founded in 2003, a professional speaker, host of the On Air with Ella podcast and a founding member of CHIEF Washington D.C., the only organization specifically designed for senior executive women to effect change from the top-down.

Her true passion, though, lies in helping people build their best lives as they define it. Ella wants to live better every day, and to help others do the same through her global platform.

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Ella speaking


 Speaker | Facilitator | Consultant

Learn more about Ella as a your next speaker for your show, event or workshop!

Ella creates podcasts and events for people who want more out of life - now. There's no magic pill, no specific morning routine or diet that's going to help manifest the confidence, motivation, personal growth, mindset, lifestyle or relationships that we want.

It's 100% up to us.

But, can't we do it together, and have some fun along the way? 

Ella says YES, and invites you to join her on the journey to LIVE BETTER...and START NOW.

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