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'Face Yoga with Monna'

Take Monna's face yoga class with me! This 6-week online course provides the structure to work our way toward a natural overall face and neck lift with healthy, smooth, and glowing skin - in 15 minutes a day! I am going to start the course and join the FB group, and I would love for you to join me. 

You don't have to spend $1000s on botox or filler.
Take this class with me and let's see what happens!


What's Included?

A self-paced, 6-week online facial yoga video course for $249 (use code Ella20 for $20 off that price). The course targets a specific area each week: forehead, eyes, cheeks, nasolabial lines, mouth, neck, and jawline, and includes:

• 15-min face yoga video each day
• BONUS 1: 12 bonus massages 
• BONUS 2: Morning and evening signature massages
• BONUS 3: 40-page "Face Yoga Monna Beauty" book
• BONUS 4: Easy manageable skincare routine
• BONUS 5: Private Facebook group for course members
• BONUS 6: Downloadable 6-wk course calendar
• BONUS 7: Special discounts on products
• BONUS 8: LIFETIME access to the Lift & Sculpt course!

Important! use code Ella20 to save $20

face yoga with Monna demo
face yoga course screen shots
face yoga course screen shots

Take the Class with Ella

This 6-week Lift & Sculpt Course focuses on your face, neck and jawline by targeting one specific area each week. So you can achieve a full, natural facelift or choose to focus only on the areas you want to improve.

Important! use code Ella20 to save $20

DISCLOSURE: I am promoting this class as an affiliate because I believe in its natural methods, and because I want to take it with you! Learn more about affiliate terms here. xx Ella

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