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232: Why We Do What We Do - and How to Retrain Your Brain - Jim Fortin

(ENCORE RELEASE: original air date October 2017)

Logic Levels of NLP

*originally aired 2017; this is an encore release because I've referred to it so many times recently!


If you really want to know why it is so hard to change our habits, and you REALLY want to know what to do differently, and exactly HOW, this is the episode for you. Jim Fortin is a neuroscience- focused expert on how our brains work (and work against us), on habit formation and on the real secrets to creating the identity that we want.

Do not pass go. Listen to this, rewind and listen again.

We speak our lives into existence. - Jim Fortin

What We Talk About:

  • Why we struggle making change in our lives even when we REALLY want to

  • How to retrain your brain to make lasting change by acting the way you want to be....NOW

  • How your "lizard brain" manages your habits and is focused on keeping you alive and safe - not on self-improvement

  • The power of neural patterns in forming habits and how to (finally) change them instead of fighting against them

  • How to change the stories we tell ourselves in order to change how we live, how happy we are, and - truly - WHO WE ARE

  • The difference between dismiss and ignore when it comes to breaking bad habits (one works, one does not)

  • You can change a long term habit in an INSTANT. Really - we share how.

  • Why Jim says habit trackers are a good idea.

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) - the psychology of subjective experience

  • We DO what we ARE.

Be it so you can See it.

I can only do what I am, and I cannot do what I am not.


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Jim Fortin


Jim is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified Master Hypnotist. Using advanced hypnotic language patterns and brain based behavioral science, Jim has merged both areas of expertise into a new and highly effective persuasion and performance technology called NeuroPersuasion®.

His persuasion techniques can help you shorten your selling cycles and significantly improve your closing ratio – fast. He applies this same psychology to help you perform at significantly higher levels. Jim has trained all the way from Wall Street to Main Street. Connect with Jim here.


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