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212: Get Unstuck - Change the Channel

On Air with Ella - episode 212

In my quest for continuous improvement, and for understanding myself better so that I can live better, be better and create better, I have come to the profound conclusion that I - that we - share a great deal in common with a 1980s television set.

Should you not be able to recall what a 1980s television set was like, just know that it consisted of a screen, an antenna, and importantly,1-2 dials to the side of the screen that were used to change the channel when your ancestors watched tv.

change your channel

Now imagine that the screen is what people see, the antenna is receiving, constantly scanning for inputs from the environment. The tv itself is capable of any number of outputs depending on what channel it is turned to.

Ok, pause on the analogy for a moment. I'm talking about me, but because you are a human animal, I think I am talking about you, too:

As a flawed human, I have the capacity to be angry, resentful, indignant, exasperated, self- righteous, petty, jealous, prideful, selfish and ungrateful. The list goes on. But, equally, I have too the capacity to be giving, pleasant, joyful, light-hearted, humble, gracious, kind, playful, generous, loving and patient. That list goes on, too.

I used to be of the mindset that when I was in any of those states - stuck in those emotions - I really couldn't conceive of any other state of being. Our feelings can feel so big when we're having them that we can't see past them, around them and certainly not through them.

Episode 212 shares a mindset hack that I use to get myself unstuck, to create mastery over my emotions, and one that helps me take action from a place of intention instead of reaction. Listen to it here.


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