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227: Fierce Not Fearless

On Air with Ella - episode 227

fierce not fearless


Can we stop telling creators, entrepreneurs, humans to BE FEARLESS, please?

Personally, I’m thrilled to have both a functioning amygdala, and I’m even grateful for that inner voice that warns me to approach with caution when I am trying something new. That fear voice - the one that can keep us small if we let it - that voice lets me know I’m on to something really big.

Self help is full of trite sayings that are meant to inspire and just because something is overused doesn’t make it not true or not of value. But there are some things that pop up in this personal development world that I believe are well intentioned, but wrong. Not just hackneyed, but actually harmful propaganda. Like...


"Be fearless!” the boss-babe-self-empowerment gurus scream at us. “Don’t listen to those fears, ladies and gentlemen - BE FEARLESS and take that leap…quit your day job to pursue your passion!” YAYYYYY.....No.

And why does this matter? Firstly, I think it’s useful to question our inputs in general. I’m talking about what we feed our brains. It’s actually easier than it should be to get swept up into the messages du jour, and find yourself swept along in the current of toxic positivity and well-intended, but misguided self help.

Any time we’re searching for answers and for inspiration outside of ourselves, we’re vulnerable to questionable inputs and influences, right? But again, so what? What’s the harm?

A few things, actually. And they’re much more likely to hold us back than to be neutral. So let’s talk about why you should not - and likely will not - ever be fearless, and what to do instead.

Fears thrive in the dark, and your bravery is revealed in the revealing.

This episode is about being FIERCE, not fearless. I would love to hear what you think!




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