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245: Start a Business, Make that Money Work FOR You - Bridgette Boucha

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 245

Bridgette Boucha is On Air with Ella


Bridgette Boucha is a heart-centered CFO, helping entrepreneurs build, maintain and sustain their mission by managing our most important resources: time, people, money and energy.

BONUS: below I've added a list of the key resources I rely on daily/weekly to support my businesses!


  • Starting a business on budget

  • 3 things to consider before making an investment in your business

  • Common mistakes Bridgette sees entrepreneurs make with their finances

  • Personal financial management is self care

  • Making the transition from employee to business owner

  • What makes you credible versus incredible

  • Managing pricing, cash flow, expenses for early entrepreneurs

  • How to change your internal conversation about money

  • Why and how Bridgette left the corporate world to be her own boss

Show up for your money and your money will show up for you. - Bridgette Boucha


Here is a list of the software and systems that I use regularly to support the podcast and my professional consulting business:

  • WIX WEBSITE BUILDER: DIY website (I've used Worpress, Squarespace and this is my fave); it does a lot more than just build and host your site

  • QUICKEN "Simplifi" - FREE TRIAL - I use this to manage my personal finances. It makes EVERYTHING (balancing the checkbook, tracking expenses on credit cards, downloading balances, reporting, budgeting, etc) SO EASY. Highly recommend.

  • QUICKBOOKS - to manage my business accounts and financial reporting

  • ACUITY SCHEDULING SOFTWARE for interviews and client meetings; blocks out times based on my existing calendar

  • CANVA Pro: I use this almost every day now for marketing, communications and branding work. You can work with video, social media, photos, create newsletters, fancy email signatures, resumes, you name it. 100% worth the fee for me.

  • AUDIBLE: I tend to prefer business books in audio book form; I can increase my intake / education and leave the books to the fun stuff

  • AMAZON - if you ever refer your friends and colleagues to books or items, sign up as an affiliate (for free) now! You can make a few cents on every referral, and over time it can add up. You might as well get paid for what you're already doing!

  • LIBSYN - to host the podcast


Bridgette Boucha

Bridgette is a seeker of expansion. Her soulful approach to personal, professional and financial development has proven to be refreshing, not just during times of uncertainty, but for our emergence into this next chapter. As a former corporate CFO turned CFO for entrepreneurs, she brings a unique style, voice and methodology to the clients, communities and audiences she serves.

After 15+ years working in financial executive roles while trying to live my most authentic life as a wife, friend, and seeker of expansion, it became very clear that my next mission would exist outside of the corporate world. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges faced when scaling a business with limited resources. I saw an immediate need to help other entrepreneurs scale their businesses responsibly and abundantly without burning out. The response was staggering and the results are undeniable. Show up for your money and your money will show up for you.

I now wake up with a passion to empower, align and optimize small businesses by working with owners to set up financial frameworks, develop scalable strategies, increase profitability and provide advisement to reach personal, professional and financial goals. You deserve to run a profitable business while living a fuller life. Let's talk about how to invest your time and money in order to create MORE time and money. - Bridgette

Instagram: @bridgettebucha


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