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246: The Language of Influence - Jacqueline Nagle

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 246

jacqueline nagle is on air with ella

The Language of Influence

How we communicate matters, perhaps now more than ever. The Representation System refers to how people take in information: we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. The representation systems link to styles of communication, ways of learning and processing information - and when you're familiar with them, you can build rapport and have more impact and influence!

They Representation Systems are:

1. Visual (seeing)

2. Auditory (hearing)

3. Kinesthetic (feeling)

4. Auditory Digital (using language)

5. Gustatory (taste)

6. Olfactory (smell)

By identifying one’s favored representational system and applying these concepts, we can gain powerful insights into how to subtly but powerfully change desired behaviors, habits and ways of being. And, understanding the concepts of the representational systems can offer an additional key to maintaining rapport. Source: Rayner Institute

Today, powerhouse Jacqueline Nagle joins us from Brisbane, Australia to talk about:

  • Intentional vs. Unintentional Use of Language

  • The 4 most common representational systems and why they matter

  • The 5 Languages of Influence

  • The language library:

The Language Libraries
Download PDF • 353KB
  • Tips for stronger, more impactful communication:

    • Listen more than you speak

    • Practice identifying their language of influence

    • Build the muscle of connecting by shifting into their mode

  • SpeakableYOU free training for speaking confidence!

  • FREE ASSESSMENT - discover your primary language of influence

Jacqueline Nagle


Jacqueline Nagle has forged a successful career dependent on redefinition, evolution and left-field thinking.

For 15 years Jacqueline has successfully worked as strategist, advisor, mentor and coach to consultants, professionals, business owners, executives and the C-Suite in speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, and since 2018 Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of entrepreneurs, executives, and founders across Australia and the USA to smash roadblocks and accelerate opportunity.


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