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258: Caroline Dooner was Tired of Trying to Do It All

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 258


After the success of her debut book The F*ck It Diet, Caroline Dooner was BURNT OUT. After repeating many of the same patterns that led her to give up dieting forever, and applying the same obsessive patterns to self-help and the concept - the myth - of self improvement to "perfection," she finally got it.

I wanted a magical cure. And it just so happens that extreme diets and extreme spiritual self-help ideologies were the things that were promising me what I wanted: miraculous healing.

She realized that if we don’t address where the misery and self-hatred are coming from in the first place, and if we don’t have the support to help us deal with perfectionism, self-esteem, and how to make peace with your perceived imperfections, it will never be enough. And so, she stopped.

I thought that once I healed my spiritual issues, not only would I be too spiritual to be upset about things, but I’d also be hot.

In her latest book, Tired as F*ck, Caroline details how she experienced burnout at the hands of diet, hustle and self-improvement culture, and what happened when she took stock and started saying no to bullsh*t expectations and YES to what she truly wanted and needed to live life on HER terms. Finally.


Caroline Dooner is a writer, humorist, former actress & singer, and wannabe gardener. She started writing about our relationship with food 10 years ago after radically healing her own relationship with food. All of that became The F*ck It Diet book, geared towards helping others heal. Her second book, Tired as F*ck, is about her burnout & two years of rest, after years of running herself into the ground. Find out more at or follow her on instagram at @thefuckitdiet




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