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259: Mindset Breakthroughs: Accepting Fear & Retraining Our Brains - Sean Croxton

On Air with Ella podcast 259


How do we conquer fear and procrastination?
Can we eliminate hidden mindset blocks?
How do we make real change and finally do the things we know we're meant to do?

Sean's been helping people - including me - answer these questions and start living the life they aspire to for years. Today's he's sharing some of his best insights with us. Including:

  • Goal achievement requires a change to our ingrained patterns - but, HOW do we do this?

  • Why are MINDSET SHIFTS hard? What is our brain doing?

  • Why fear is not only normal, but USEFUL

  • How to reframe discomfort/fear

  • The subconscious mind vs. our goals /desires - WHO IS DRIVING?

  • What is SELF-SABOTAGE, really, and what do we do about it?

  • Breaking down limiting beliefs: HOW SPECIFICALLY DO WE DO THIS?

  • It’s not about feeling that “I want to be successful,” it’s about TAKING ON THE HABITS of the successful

  • The power of personal accountability

  • The strategy of taking a single step and why that serves your brain better than “massive action”

We are all just 'belief confirmation machines.' - Sean Croxton



Sean is an entrepreneur, podcaster, video blogger, and self-described bookworm. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 when he started one of the first health-based youtube channels called Underground Wellness. Since then, he's gone on to host four popular podcasts and change many lives through his money, business, mindset and entrepreneurial coaching. Connect with Sean at




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