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297: Strength & Mobility in Perimenopause and Menopause - Dr. Vonda Wright

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 297

Dr Vonda Wright Menopause & Mobility

Listen here (or everywhere you get podcasts):

Women need to understand the Musculoskeletal (MSK) phenomena of Aging

Dr Vonda Wright, double-board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, author and active aging and stem cell researcher is talking about the potentially life-changing, permanent, musculoskeletal symptoms and consequences of low estrogen on BONES, MUSCLE, TENDONS and LIGAMENTS - and what women can and must do now.

Women are NOT "falling apart" and they are NOT crazy....They are peri-menopausal! - Dr. Vonda Wright

In this episode:

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) aging - injury prevention and staying juicy

  • "Active aging" - what to do in your 30s, 40s, 50s+

  • How to reduce the threat of "frozen shoulder," or adhesive capsulitis

  • What are the MSK symptoms of menopause?

  • Why do women have MSK symptoms?

  • What do women need to know?

  • What do women need to do?

  • Why is your mother shrinking?

  • How can bone density and body composition be measured?

80% of all women will experience pain, increased arthritis, tendon failure, loss of lean muscle mass and other musculoskeletal (MSK) symptoms associated with estrogen loss. MSK symptoms, unlike the more commonly known hot flashes, brain fog, etc. can be permanent. 71% of women have MSK pain, and when diagnostic tests show NO structural damage, are often turned away by doctors.

Dr Vonda Wright is On Air with Ella


Dr. Vonda Wright, double board certified orthopaedic sports surgeon, harnesses 20 years of research and caring for elite athletes, executives and high performance people to build physical and mental hardiness across the lifespan for all.

Dr. Wright cares for professional athletes of the NFL, PGA, World Rugby, the Pittsburgh & Atlanta ballet as well as collegiate and elite masters competitors. She has written 5 books in the fitness and performance space, speaks worldwide, and is a frequent national media contributor.

In 2013, Dr. Wright ignited a national conversation on women’s health by launching the Women's Health Conversations movement with the belief that today’s generation of women can transform our nation’s health for the betterment of all women and the world.

Currently, Dr. Wright serves as the inaugural President and Surgeon of the legacy Hughston Orthopaedics Group - Southeast based in Lake Nona, Orlando where she provides elite sports medicine to athletes and active people. An active aging and longevity researcher, she takes a whole person precision approach and offers individual HealthSpan and Longevity Advising and group retreats, The Precision Longevity Experience, to optimize performance and build precision strategic plans for lifetime health & aging.

LinkedIN: Dr Vonda Wright

Instagram: @DrVondaMD

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