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321: How to handle etiquette crimes and how not to cause them ft. Nick Leighton

ON AIR WITH ELLA episode 321

Nick Leighton Podcast

Listen here (and everywhere you get podcasts):

The Ultimate Guide to Etiquette: Expert Advice from Nick Leighton

Etiquette is the lubricant that makes society work better, and it takes practice to become good at it. I'm definitely a work in progress, so I brought in the expert to handle our etiquette questions just in time for the holidays! You asked, and Nick answered...

In this episode:
  • RSVPs and ghosting - frustration about guests who RSVPed but didn't show up without any communication .

  • Correcting spelling and pronunciation - is ever acceptable to correct someone's spelling or pronunciation?.

  • Dealing with loud talkers - how to handle a loud talker in a public setting

  • Unwanted gifts and regifting - what if you don't want it, don't need it, already have it?

  • Room service tipping - do you add tip for the person who brings room service when there is already a service charge?

  • Host gifts - when to bring a gift and when it is not necessary

  • Turning down invitations - the simplest and polite way to decline invitations without making excuses

  • Muting other people

    • how to handle situations where someone says something outrageous or offensive

    • how to respond to comments about appearance in a professional environment.

    • different approaches to handling nosy questions and comments.

  • Different cultures and traditions - etiquette varies across cultures; how different societies approach manners and social interactions.

  • Dealing with untrained dogs (and kids?!) - how to handle friends' large, untrained dogs that jump and bark when they enter the house.

  • The importance of setting boundaries and not feeling obligated to accommodate everyone's requests.

    • Etiquette should never come at the cost of health and safety or a clearly laid boundary!

Nick's passion for etiquette is infectious, and his insights are on point! I hope you find these takeaways as useful as I did - if you literally want to copy and paste from Nick, you can get the full transcript for this episode here.

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Nick Leighton is a two-time Emmy Award-winning talk show host and journalist originally from a small hippie commune in Northern California. Nick produces the Were You Raised by Wolves podcast, co-hosted by Leah Bonnema, and resides in Manhattan, NY.

IG: @wereyouraisedbywolves

FB: /wereyouraisedbywolves

X: @wereyouraisedby



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BONUS! Transcript of this episode

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