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328: Connection, Communication & Intimacy - a conversation with my husband about creating an 'aspirational marriage'

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 328

ella lucas averett and husband podcast episode cover

NOTE: This episode first aired in the midst of all that was 2020.


We're often told that relationships are a 50-50 venture, but I disagree. Taking 100% responsibility for our actions and attitudes can revolutionize the way we love and connect. 

My husband Jeremy is back to chat love and marriage - and making it all work for the long haul. If you didn't catch his first visit, I highly recommend listening to episode 186 "Secrets of My Marriage" (via this Apple Podcasts link or this Spotify link!)

Ella + Jeremy
Ella + Jeremy in disguise


  • Connection and communication to create intimacy

  • Power of physical touch in diffusing conflicts and creating connection

  • Creating an 'aspirational' marriage

  • Taking 100% responsibility (versus 50% each)

  • Importance of timing for deep and meaningful conversations

  • Importance of understanding love languages in marriage

  • Words of affirmation are critical...for everyone?

  • Tips for having difficult conversations

  • Mutual respect and understanding of individual time and space

  • Understanding your communication tendencies

  • Importance of encouragement and support in marriage



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