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341: Nourish Your Brain: Understanding the Links Between Diet and Mental Health - Dr. Georgia Ede

On Air with Ella episode 341

dr georgia ede is On Air with Ella - the link between diet and mental health

Change your diet, change your mind?

As a nutritional and metabolic psychiatrist, Dr. Georgia Ede specializes in addressing the dietary and metabolic root causes of mental health conditions. Dr. Ede's work, highlighted in her book "Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind," focuses on helping people improve their mental health through nutrition.

We discuss:
  • The impact of food on mental health

  • The link between insulin resistance and mental health

  • Blood sugar and brain health

  • Children's nutrition and what we can't see

  • How dietary choices impact mental health issues like anxiety and depression

  • What we have wrong about antioxidants and oxidative stress

  • Brain superfoods - is there such a thing?

  • AGEs - a big driver of premature aging of the brain and body

  • Protein and the importance of essential amino acids

  • Where to start if you're seeking to improve your mood and mental health

Get the full episode transcript here

 Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind book


Dr. Georgia Ede is an internationally recognized expert in nutritional and metabolic psychiatry. Her 25 years of clinical experience include 12 years at Smith College and Harvard University Health Services, where she was the first to offer students nutrition-based approaches as an alternative to psychiatric medication.

Dr. Ede co-authored the first inpatient study of the ketogenic diet for treatment-resistant mental illness, developed the first medically accredited course in ketogenic diets for mental health practitioners, and was honored to be named a recipient of the Baszucki Brain Research Fund’s first annual Metabolic Mind Award.

Connect with Dr. Georgia:

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