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217: Question the Drink with Kari Schwear + 21 Days of No Alcohol!

On Air with Ella - episode 217

Kari Schwear completely pivoted her life more than 4 years ago when she gave up alcohol. Two years later, she learned about gray area drinking, and nothing was ever the same. Listen to what prompted Kari to leave her lucrative job, fight imposter syndrome and start a movement!



Kari Schwear helps people find the story they want to tell about the choices they make in their lives. She founded GrayTonic and Question the Drink (QTD) in 2018 for professionals like herself that are using alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress. Kari is a Discovery Coach, speaker, and a co-author of the book, The Successful Mind, Tools for Living a Purposeful, Productive, and Happy Life.


Instagram: @gray_tonic

Question the Drink Facebook Group:

For the free 7-Day D.E.C.I.D.E. series:

21 Days of No Alcohol

Kari will lead this challenge in her private Facebook page Question the Drink

And, as always, I will share my own updates in Instagram at @onairwithella.

  • Do you need a break from booze to de-puff, de-bloat?

  • Do you want to simply question your relationship with alcohol?

  • Do you want to take a time-out just to prove that you can?

Whatever the reason, jump on in. The worst thing that happens is that you meet some like-minded people.

Be sure to tag #questionthedrink whenever possible and wherever you post so I can find your posts!


We start October 1, 2020. If you're a few days late, SO WHAT?!?! Come on over!

See you soon! xx


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