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How to Review a Podcast (& Secure my Eternal Devotion)

When you review the show in Apple Podcasts, it's like leaving a tip in the tip jar, but free. Thanks!

How to leave a podcast review

Podcast fam, I need your help.

If you’re enjoying the On Air with Ella show, would you be so kind to take 42 seconds to leave a brief review on Apple / iTunes? I've been working really hard on the podcast, and I would love to get the word out that WE ARE BACK!

Here are step-by-step instructions for leaving a rating & review in Apple Podcasts. (You already have my eternal devotion.)

Seriously, thank you for spending a moment to help me to spread the word!

How to leave a rating & review in Apple Podcasts (on an iOS device)

how to leave a podcast review
  1. Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Choose “Search” from the bottom row of icons and enter the name of the show (“On Air with Ella”) into the search field

  3. Select the show under Shows (not under Episodes)

  4. Scroll down past the first few episodes until you see Ratings & Reviews

  5. Click “Write a Review” underneath the reviews from other listeners. You have the option to rate on a 5-star scale and to write a review if you choose (you can rate without writing if needed)

How to leave a rating or review in iTunes (on a computer)

  1. Visit the Apple Podcasts page in your web browser

  2. Click “Listen on Apple Podcasts” to the right of my logo; then accept the pop-up asking if you want to launch iTunes

  3. In iTunes, click “Ratings & Reviews” under the main title

  4. Rate the show by selecting a number of stars (5 if you’re feeling it) next to the words “Click to rate” under the Customer Ratings headline

  5. To write a review, click “Write a Review” under the Customer Reviews heading

how to review a podcast in apple


Not sure what to write? You can mention:

  • A favorite guest or episode

  • How you found the podcast

  • Where you usually listen

  • “Live better, start now”

  • “Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can!”

Thank you!

xxoo Ella


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