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204: Survive Quarantine with These Tools & Tips

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 204


  1. BODY: YouTube free workouts, tabata, yoga, meditation, dance classes, jump rope....simply search for what sounds like fun to you!

  2. SOUL: Elevation - songs for the soul: RATTLE!, The Blessing, or even church online

  3. SEX: Responsible audio erotica app Dipsea

  4. MIND: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking Without Willpower

  5. MIND: Allen Carr's Quit Drinking Without Willpower

  6. MIND: Brain over binge by Kathryn Hansen

  7. MIND: listen to any of the above - first book free here with Audible

  8. SLEEP: Luxury puffy duvet from Amazon and Avocado organic mattress - best sleep ever

  9. JOY: Follow 3 positive news accounts like @Upworthy, @Tanksgoodnews, @Globalpositivenews

  10. JOY: SOME GOOD NEWS - I'm not crying, you're crying...

PS - SHARE YOU FAVORITE RESOURCES WITH ME! Message me in IG or comment below! xx


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