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031: Tosca Reno – Frumpy At 40, Fabulous At 60+

(original air date June 2015)


OK, so some people claim I might already be grown up, but this woman inspires me to want to keep getting better every day, every year. Fit and radiant at age 56, Tosca Reno is the New York Times best selling author behind Your Best Body Now and the Eat Clean Diet Series. She is also a certified Nutritional Therapy practitioner, a fitness model, columnist, and a motivational speaker.

At Age 40, Tosca Reno was Miserable, Overweight, Stuck in an Unhappy Marriage, and Living an Unfulfilled Life.

Her self-esteem was at an all-time low. She barely recognized the woman she had become. Tosca found herself reborn when she realized she was the architect of her own destiny. She accepted new challenges to become super fit and healthy. She entered bodybuilding contests and started writing articles for Oxygen, a top fitness magazine. Her struggles and hardships in the past served to both inspire and motivate her in her career as a writer, motivational speaker and fitness celebrity.

Tosca Reno

Tosca encourages others to do for themselves what she has done – reinvent herself from being fat and frumpy to lean and purposeful.

Tosca teaches others how to alter their eating habits, to lose or maintain weight, gain muscle, boost metabolism, increase energy and be happier, healthier people living with purpose.

What We Talk About:

Tosca Reno
  • Why Tosca’s 50s are WAY better than her 30s – in every way

  • How to maximize your life whatever your age may be (start now!)

  • How does she stay motivated?

  • What made her stop loving everyone else before herself

  • How nutrient-dense, well-sourced whole foods and some exercise truly saved Tosca’s life

  • How she went from frumpy to fitness model AFTER age 40

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*original air date June 2015. We're slowly rebuilding the show notes for episodes 001-200 which were lost in the 'Great Hack of 2020.' If you are looking for a particular episode, email us and we'll do our best to recreate them for you!


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