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080: the Pill, Your Fertility & Natural Birth Control - Jane Bennett

(original air date July 2016*)

What We Don't Know May Be Hurting Us

The birth control pill is convenient, prolific and utterly pervasive. It’s even touted as the cure for much that ails us. The Pill is taken by millions of women at some stage in their lives, and few of us realize that it is not without long term side effects. I am not a doctor, but clear links have been established between hormonal contraceptives and health dangers, including infertility and cancer.

It’s time to get the facts, and to educate ourselves so that we’re making informed decisions.

In this episode, Jane Bennett shares some of her extensive research, and empowers us to take back control over our health and choices. Join us, and if a friend or loved one can benefit from this information, please listen and share this episode with them.

generic birth control


  • What’s wrong with the Pill?

  • The Pill is a drug with side effects that include depression and mood disorders, loss of libido, headaches and migraine, weight gain, increased risk of breast cancer and brittle bones

  • Is the Pill linked to cancer?

  • If not the Pill, then what?

  • What are natural contraception methods? What alternatives to chemical contraception exist that don’t harm your health or fertility? Do they work?

  • Apps that help track your cycle…like Clue


  • Celebration Day for Girls, Celebration Day Girls Facilitator Training and Fathers Celebrating Daughters:

  • Chalice Foundation - positive menstrual education & wellbeing:

  • The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception and The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit:

  • The Rite Journey:

*originally aired in 2016. We're slowly rebuilding the show notes for episodes 001-200 which were lost in the 'Great Hack of 2020.' If you are looking for a particular episode, email us and we'll do our best to recreate them for you!


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