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214: Fat Loss as a Gateway to Personal Development?

On Air with Ella - episode 214

We conflate self-worth and attractiveness.

They are not the same thing.

Not going to lie. I started this podcast on a journey to share what I knew about fitness and fat loss, and making wellness accessible. I don't apologize for that, but I am aware that my life - and thus my platform - have grown far beyond those targets. I don't think I am alone in this. In fact, I think many women begin a journey to improve our outer selves that leads us to an inner journey. I'm not sorry, I'm grateful.

Tillie Harris joins us to talk about why fat loss can actually be a useful stepping stone on our personal development journey. We also talk about the pitfalls of approaching our evolution "from the outside in."

On seeking validation...."I think a lot of women only really feel alive when they are feeling desired or envied. All else is a quest to get to that place." - Tillie Harris

Join us in another honest conversation about the inherent contradictions of being an evolving human!

  • Why do we so often start with our outward appearance?

  • Why isn't it sufficient?

  • Are we seeking wholeness...or validation?

  • Can you be an empowered woman and still care about fat loss?

  • Who sets YOUR standard?

  • Why caring so much about how you look often backfires

  • The true path to losing the "weight" that we carry


Tillie is writing a book about women's stories of transformation. Read some examples here, and connect with Tillie if you have a story to share!

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