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219: You Do You - Shanta Jackson, The Homegirl Therapist

On Air with Ella - episode 219


In this episode, I'm talking to Shanta Jackson, The Homegirl Therapist about:

  • The Imposter Complex - persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud"

  • We're strong, accomplished women....why do we still feel this sometimes?

  • How social media can amplify these feelings

  • How this has manifested in Shanta's life and what she did about it

  • Flipping the script - taking our perceived "weaknesses" and making them our superpower

  • Showing up, living out loud and being our authentic selves... for real

While engaging in behaviors seeking love and worth I didn't know at the time that I was hustling for my worth, but I knew I wanted to be seen so bad, I wanted to be valued so bad, I wanted to feel enough so badly. - Shanta J.


Shanta Jackson is a Licensed therapist, licensed in both Georgia and Texas, and currently runs her private practice in Dallas. She has deemed herself The Homegirl Therapist, due to how she shows up in her counseling sessions: honest, relatable, and authentically herself. Shanta uses her social media and Heal Shit Podcast as a way to dismantle the stereotypes of therapy and what a therapist is. Her goal in therapy and the population she works for is to help her clients deal with their trauma and learn to return to themselves.



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