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268: A Different Take on Burnout & Finding Your Purpose - Elizabeth Rosenberg

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 268

on air with ella podcast 268

Elizabeth Rosenberg was in her dream job, doing what she loved when she crashed. Hard.

Elizabeth was working in marketing as the global head of communications for a large advertising agency, overseeing PR for clients on four continents, and for some of the most iconic brands in the world. Until it came to a head and she had to face the reality of the toll her work was taking - on her body, her mind and her spirit.

She experienced a career "pirouette," and now works with people who are seeking to live a life of meaning by discovering what they stand for, and clarify and sharing their unique voice.

In this episode, we're talking about:

  • Elizabeth's story of burnout amidst her dream job

  • Why we're burnt out talking about burn out - and why it still matters

  • The myth of "finding your purpose" and what it really looks like in application

  • What does it mean to actually live as your authentic self?

  • Why is it easier - in a way - to live inauthentically?

  • Can we learn how to humbly brag about ourselves?

  • Why you might want to start using the word "I" instead of "We" to own your accomplishments

  • Sometimes we need boundaries and permission - SO WE HAVE TO ASK FOR IT

  • Are you defined by who you are, or what you do?

  • How does social media contribute to burn out?

  • Can you defy hustle culture, but still make it happen? Can our hustle BE FLOW?

  • Why Elizabeth recommends finding your purpose OUTSIDE of work

Somehow we have all become defined by our careers and what we do vs. who we are. And that just doesn't sit well with me. - Elizabeth R.


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Elizabeth Rosenberg is an entrepreneur, charismatic leader and visionary who drives authentic change and purposeful impact through her work. As the founder of The Good Advice Company, a marketing and communications consultancy, and with more than two decades of experience working with some of the most innovative brands and leaders in the world, Elizabeth taps her knowledge, intuition and truths to uncover and amplify purpose and ownable narratives. Based in Los Angeles, Elizabeth is currently writing and speaking about her health and wellness journey and truly believes there is a future where wellness, intuition and the corporate world collide.


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