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223: Making Space for Grief, Healing & Joy - Sue Guerrieri

On Air with Ella - episode 223

In this episode, I'm talking to certified mindset coach Sue Guerrieri about:

  • How she was able to move through the grief of losing her daughter and re-engage in her own life

  • The power of mindset on our ability to conquer, to cope, to co-exist with our grief

  • Why Sue had to put herself first

  • The role that physical health played for Sue in her recovery

  • So much more...

I would rather die trying than give up. - Sue Guerrieri


Sue is a certified mindset coach, working with clients all over the world to help them leave their comfort zone, push past their fears giving them the tools and strategies to create the life they want.

Sue is also the owner and creative director for SugaPlum teenage underwear designed exclusively for girls.


Help for suicidal thoughts:

US Help Line: 1-800-273-8255

More resources for getting help with mental health:


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