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237: Co-Parenting After Divorce & High-Conflict Relationship Communication - Julie Beckerman

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 237

on air with ella 235


...but divorce when kids are involved is even harder. Julie is here to talk to us about co-parenting after divorce, and she's sharing communication tools that can be applied in any high-conflict relationship. FREE OFFER! See her amazing free offer for the first 5 listeners that respond (below).


  • Managing high-conflict relationships - communication strategies

  • Coparenting with an impossible ex

  • What to do when the co-parent isn't playing by the same rules

  • Protecting your kids from the effects of a high conflict divorce

  • There are sides to every story - everyone has their own truth

  • Recognizing the gray area in difficult situations (to help maintain your sanity!)

How you deal in these situations is what you're teaching your kids. - Julie B.

DO's & DON'Ts:

  • DO: Stop using the word narcissist

  • DON'T: No badmouthing your ex (or the other party)

  • DON'T battle about parenting preferences - the co-parent is a parent, too

  • DON'T fight the stories each of you have - everyone has their own truth

  • DO: Get familiar with the Control, Influence, Accept & Adapt model - get it here!

  • DON'T treat your child as your peer, your counselor, or your emotional crutch

  • DO: Choose your battles. Ask yourself: What Outcome Do I Want?

...What would you add?

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5 listeners will receive a free 30-minute session with Julie to write (or respond) to their ex together.

HOW TO ENTER: simply leave a podcast review in Apple or wherever you consume podcasts and send Ella a screenshot once it's live. You can DM me or email me!


Julie Beckerman is an Associate Certified Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, as well as a certified career counselor from New York University. She has experience in Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Effective Communication, and Mindfulness techniques with a background working in business and Human Resources. Julie has experience navigating the transitions of divorce, as well as dealing with the loss of a loved one and addiction.

She says: divorce changed everything.

Divorce isn't easy, and mine was certainly no exception. In 2014, after 10 years of marriage, with the decision to get divorced, I began the most difficult, scary, confusing, angering, and liberating journeys of my life.

I navigated the waters of co-parenting, being a stay-at-home-mom, changing friendships, lawyers and courtrooms, living in the same house with my ex, relationships with ex in-laws, dating, my ex getting remarried, going back to work, moving to a new home, new school for my daughter, new job, starting a new career, a new life...

With the help of a solid support system, I began to see this as not just a challenge to get through, which it certainly was, but also an opportunity that had only just begun.



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