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242: Gut Health & The Healthy Belly Fix - Elishia Coleman

On Air with Ella podcast - episode 242

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You know I never get tired of talking about all things gut health. The gut is such a critical component of our overall wellness and vitality! Today, Elishia Coleman joins us to talk about:

  • The gut as the mother of the body

  • Lifestyle habits for a healthy gut

  • Symptom management vs. root cause medicine

  • The root causes of symptoms and poor health

  • The order of priority for healing

  • The benefits of animal-based nutrition

  • What causes bloating

  • Why probiotics aren't the panacea we might think they are, and how to take them

  • Why sometimes a walk outside might be better than that probiotic

  • What is glyphosate and why is it harmful?

  • Why she recommends distilled water

  • Elishia's 3 non-negotiables: sleep, nailing the first meal of the day, and 20 mins outside


Elishia Coleman is On Air with Ella


Elishia Coleman is a Gut Health Practitioner who supports women like herself who have been burned and dismissed by conventional methods.

As the creator of The Healthy Belly Fix, she offers personalized solutions to identify the root causes of symptoms and poor health, heal the gut and restore balance. Elishia believes the gut is the mother of the body and the answer to physical and mental freedom.


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