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253: Perimenopause: What to Expect - Dr. Meg Mill

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 253


Dr. Meg Mill is sharing the critical things we need to know about the phase of life that we call perimenopause - it's not a diagnosis, it's a season. Listen to how not to just survive it, but actually thrive in this season.

We discuss:

  • Misconceptions about what perimenopause is and how it's defined

  • What women can expect to feel during this time of life

  • How long is typical for this "perimenopause" period?

  • How does stress play a role in our experience?

  • What is the DUTCH test and why is it a better option for testing?

  • Potential side effects of perimenopause or not? Including:

    • hair thinning

    • acne

    • weight gain

    • muscle atrophy

  • The many factors that affect how we experience perimenopause, including:

    • diet & nutrition

    • alcohol

    • thyroid health

    • cortisol levels

  • What should we be doing for an optimal perimenopause experience, including...

    • diet and supplement do's & don'ts

    • avoiding endocrine disruptors

    • testing regularly versus "guessing" what we need


Dr. Meg Mill is a Functional Medicine Health Practitioner. She works with patients all over the world to focus on healing the root cause of their health struggles through advanced diagnostic testing and personalized support.

She is particularly passionate about helping women balance hormones, heal their gut, end headaches and migraines and reverse auto-immunity to enjoy their life again.


@drmegmill (Facebook & Instagram)

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