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260: Reprogramming Your Microbiome - Is "L. retueri" the Missing Link? - William Davis, MD

On Air with Ella podcast 260



Our guts are home to millions of microbes. These microbes help our bodies do important tasks like digesting food, fighting diseases and making vitamins. The type of microbes present in our gut depends on factors like diet, the use of medications, and sanitation practices. Research shows the diversity of the microbes living in our gut is decreasing, especially as countries become more developed. (For example, stool samples from rural Papua New Guineans contain an additional 50 species not found in people living in the United States.)

What has caused the disappearance of L. retueri is currently unknown. However, it is known that in order to help this species to grow specific types of carbohydrates need to be consumed. People in North America eat much less of these carbohydrates compared to Papua New Guineas. Examples of foods containing these carbohydrates include yams, beans, and artichokes. It may be possible for L. reuteri to live in the human gut if it is taken as a probiotic and a diet containing the types of foods which helps it grow is eaten. Furthermore, if L. reuteri can be re-established, it may have beneficial effects on how our immune system works. - "Rewilding the Human Gut: Reintroduction of the Species Lactobacillus Reuteri" Clinic Trials Summary

Author and researcher Dr. William Davis brought us the Wheat Belly books, and he's back with more ground-breaking information on gut health, restoring our microbiome, and how we can help ourselves in this age of constant disruption and deterioration by replacing microbes nearly completely lost within all modern people. We discuss:

  • What is L. reuteri and how can it help restore our "Super Gut"

  • Why and how we need to reintroduce our bodies to the microbial species that once lived in our ancestors

  • How does restoring lost microbes transform our health when it comes to aging

  • How does restoring lost microbes increase oxytocin levels

  • The power of prolonged fermentation; including benefits like healing, immunity boosts, better skin, and more

  • Fermenting your veggies, making your own probiotic juice - easily!

  • Why most commercial products (probiotics, kombucha, etc) are ineffective and what to do instead

The answer to our gut problems isn't found in the latest diet or superfood. We desperately need to reintroduce our bodies to the microbial species that once lived in our ancestors, while pushing back on the army of microbial interlopers that have taken their place. - Dr. Willam Davis


  • BioGaia - Swedish product originally created for babies, now in adult form as well, featuring L. reuteri

  • Synbiatic 365 - "3-in-one gut health solution" includes 14 powerful probiotic strains, herbal prebiotics, and a concentrated blend of B vitamins to help balance your gut microbiome, reduce bloating and digestive issues, boost energy, and support your weight goals. Read more.

  • FloraStor Probiotic Capsules for at-home probiotic yogurt

  • Make Lactobacillus Reuteri Yogurt at home:

  • Guar Gum + Prebiotic Fiber to make vegan "super yogurt" with coconut milk

  • Get dozens of recipes for at-home microbiome foods and drinks in the book, Super Gut!


Leading medical expert and cardiologist, Dr. William Davis is the author of the New York Times bestselling Wheat Belly series. His most recent book, SuperGut: Reprogram Your Microbiome to Restore Health, Lose Weight, and Turn Back the Clock, addresses the relationship between gut health and health issues while also introducing readers to a four-week plan that creates lasting health benefits to not only get to the root of many diseases but improve levels of oxytocin, improve brain health, and promote anti-aging, weight loss, mental clarity and more restful sleep.



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