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261: Leading with Intuition - the intersection of "woo" + the practical - Dr. Lauren Borden

On Air with Ella podcast 261


Can high-achievers allow for a little more "woo" in their lives?
Where can I lean on my inner voice instead of looking outside of myself?

Dr. Lauren Borden helps people awaken their inner wisdom and purpose so that they can have the impact they were born to have in the world - both personally and professionally. In this episode, we're talking about:

  • Are you ever exhausted trying to become the person others expect you to be rather than who you are?

  • The bridge between the woo and the practical -- connecting these two parts of our identities

  • Transformative experiences and learnings we’ve encountered by dialing in to our intuition

  • The absolute vulnerability we experience when we show up as our whole self

  • Lauren's powerful experiences with 10 days of (silent!) Vipassana meditation - and, why is it so hard to stay still!?

  • Why it’s harder and uncomfortable to DIAL IN and so much easier to ACT OUT

  • Aligning our efforts & energy to our hormone cycles - it's a thing!

  • “What if I have a J.O.B?” - can I still work intuitively?

  • What resentment indicates and why we should pay attention to its message for us

  • Big and small ways that we can start living and leading from our intuition

  • What is a good use of a coach? How do we know when we need one?



Dr. Lauren Borden is a leadership coach who specializes in supporting mission-driven leaders in leading with greater empathy, emotional intelligence and consciousness so that they can disrupt their industries and broaden their impact in the world.

Her approach blends deep spiritual and healing aspects of coaching with application-based approaches-. As a PhD in Industrial-Organizational psychology, she has a deep subject-matter expertise in research-based principles in supporting leaders and teams; and as a meditation and intuition teacher, she supports clients in doing the deep work to create lasting transformation and impact.

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