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272: How to Travel the World, ft. Long-Term Travel Expert Kesi Irvin

On Air with Ella episode 272


Kesi Irvin is an Ivy Grad (Wharton!) who quit her finance job in NYC in 2015 to travel the world. She saved money for 2 years, with the intention to travel for a year. Her 1-year break turned into 7 years... and counting! She has learned the ins and outs of long-term travel and now inspires others to take a career break – whether it’s for 3 months, 1 year, or a fully nomadic lifestyle.

After 70+ countries in 7 years, Kesi has a LOT of tips and resources to share with us, including:

  • Traveling alone - simple tips to stay safe and meet new people

  • Budget friendly travel hacks

  • Why Kesi is ALWAYS the last to board!

  • Packing hacks, and how to not pay for additional bags

  • Why inflation in the US means it's a great time to travel to these places...

  • Safety tips for solo travelers

  • Why every one should consider taking a travel break

  • The budget-friendly travel insurance Kesi recommends - MUCH cheaper than "per trip" coverage

  • Kesi's fondness for compression packing cubes to pack more in less space!

  • Why Kesi and Ella both travel with backpacks! Kesi loves this brand

  • Waypoint travel accessories... Travel scarves and more. Designed by women, for women. Support this small business!

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"Solo travel pushes you out of your comfort zone, which is so scary to think about but in reality, it’s empowering. You learn what you are capable of. Realizing what you can do alone is so empowering, and can carry over to being bold in other parts of your life." - Listener & frequent solo traveler, Jen Skinner

Kesi Irvin On Air with Ella


Kesi To & Fro's Mission:

  • Teach adventurous souls how to sustain long-term travel

  • Inspire journeys to less frequented destinations

  • Connect travelers with local people & experiences

Follow Kesi's travels and learn more about the group trips she leads: IG: @kesitoandfro and

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xxoo Ella


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