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283: Using Your Authentic Voice (Literally!) for Confidence & Impact - ft. Voice Coach Susan Murphy

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 283

voice coach susan murphy on air with ella


Your voice is a powerful force to express yourself, to relay emotion, tell stories, and to communicate far more than words alone can. Susan Murphy teaches us how to access our most authentic voice, with a beautiful pitch and tone, all through breath work and a dash of psychology!

In this episode:

  • Women often don't consistently use their authentic voice

  • The reasons we don't use our authentic voice often goes back to childhood

  • Public speaking tips and why this is especially important for women - at home, in the workplace, on Zoom...

  • Aggressive vs assertive

  • Channeling our resonance from bottom of the diaphragm

  • It's all about posture (shoulders!) and breath

  • Projecting isn’t about volume

  • Why we don't even talk to children in a baby voice (except dogs, obviously)

  • Tips for dealing with vocal fry, nasal voices

  • Practice out loud! Try your Voice Memo app, ...or msybe start a podcast? ; - )

Confidence is being BOLD with your voice and presence. - Susan Murphy


Susan has spent 40 years on-air and in production learning what works, because she believes in the power of voice, and it has propelled her career! You may have heard her voiceover work on television commercials and programs, websites, and even e-learning.

Susan created VOSOT to formally work with clients as a broadcast voice coach, polishing the on-air sound of anchors and reporters and anyone who speaks publicly around the country. If you’d like to learn more about how you can work her, send an email to susanmurphyvosot @


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