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336: Tips for Mindful Spending; Reduce impulse buying and create financial alignment - Frugal Friends' Jill Sirianni

On Air with Ella episode 336

Jill Sirianni is On Air with Ella 336

Spending money is fine. Let's do it with intention.

Jill Sirianni from the Frugal Friends podcast joins me to share insightful tips and practical advice for anyone looking to take control of their spending and live a more intentional life.

Jill shares her journey from being in serious debt to achieving financial freedom. We discuss the significance of being intentional with our spending, highlighting the need for curiosity and self-awareness when it comes to financial decisions. Jill provides practical tips (see a list of them below!), and stresses the value of continuing to have open conversations about finances.


  1. Add a free browser extension like Honey to track price history (i.e. Amazon) and to automatically find and apply the best promo codes at checkout on many online retailers

  2. Try an extension / plug in like "ICEBOX" to put your online impulse shopping on ice

  3. I've just added the Avast SafePrice extension to my browser. It finds the best deals across multiple websites and offers you the lowest prices.

  4. You can delete all of your saved credit card information to create a barrier in your online shopping.

  5. With Unroll.Me, you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails (i.e. from every retailer you've ever shopped!), keep the ones you want, and rollup the rest into a single daily digest.

  6. Audit your auto-pay subscriptions

  • Pro Tip: check your iPhone settings for unwanted apps you might be paying for as well.

  • There are dedicated subscription tracking apps, too, like TrueBill, Bobby, Subscro and others. These apps connect to your bank account and automatically identify your subscription services, which you can then track on a custom dashboard. But note that many of these apps are tiered, and additional services might charge you a monthly fee, which makes them… yet another autopay subscription service.

I love to put investing and saving on autopilot, but putting spending on autopilot? That's where we should take a second look.


Jill Sirianni is a licensed clinical social worker and natural-born frugalista. Her favorite frugal move was living in an RV to save on expenses and pay off student loans. When she’s not making people laugh on the Frugal Friends podcast, you can find her digging in her backyard veggie garden.


Want to continue the conversation? I would love to hear from you. Message me:

Instagram: @onairwithella

Leave me a voice message: +1 (202) 681-0388

xoxo Ella

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