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256: Pro-Metabolic Diet, Collagen, Career, Friendship Musts & More - Listener Q&A

On Air with Ella - episode 256


  1. What are your thoughts about the "pro metabolic diet"

  2. What is your secret to wake up in a good mood in the morning?

  3. Can you overdose on collagen? How much is the right amount?

  4. What do you look for in a friend?

  5. Does being a working mom get easier?

  6. Am I limiting my potential professional growth by keeping my current job?

  7. More on Peri-Menopause

  8. Will we have a listener retreat this year? {YES!!}


  • Read more on the Pro Metabolic Diet

  • Sign of strong metabolic health include:

    • Warm Hands & Feet

    • Strong Hair & Nails

    • Steady Energy throughout The Day

    • Strong Libido

    • Falls Asleep & Stays Asleep

    • Great Digestion

    • 1-3 Good Bowel Movements Every Day

    • Regular Periods/Ovulation - Free From PMS Symptoms

    • Happy & Positive Disposition

    • Maintains Weight Easily

    • Strong Immune System

    • Basal Body Temperature Between 97.8-98.6 F or 36.6-37.0 C

    • Heart rate Between 75-90 BPM

  • Why I take animal-derived collagen peptides, like this one

  • Homeopathic arnica gel - cured my face bruise!!

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