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21 Days of ... JOURNALING - starts May 10, 2021

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21 days of Journaling

ALRIGHT! Grab a notebook, the back of an envelope or a beautiful new moleskin and let's get writing! Starting May 10, we will be doing a new 21 Days challenge! It’s free, it’s fun and it’s easy. This challenge will be 21 days of JOURNALING.

21 consecutive days of writing 1 sentence or more. That's it.

Looking to start your day differently? Or perhaps a minute of reflection in the evening? Want to practice writing to your intuition? Or maybe you're already journaling every day and you just want to have some community - join us for daily chitchat and virtual camaraderie.

During these three challenges, I go live in the Facebook group where we share our progress every day with each other, share accountability and encouragement.


  • Join us in the Private Facebook group & Instagram

  • I will send a writing prompt EVERY DAY.

  • Tag and drag your friends into this with you. We’ll be doing IG lives, FB lives, motivation, inspiration and accountability.

  • If you post, tag #21DayswithElla so I can find you.


We start May 10, 2021. If you're a few days late, SO WHAT?!?!

Get on over here and get going!!

See you soon! xx


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