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Episode 211: 21 Days of MOVEMENT Starts Aug 1!

21 Days of Challenges are offered every other month!

ALRIGHT! Grab a friend and GET MOVING! Starting August 1st we will be doing a new 21 Days challenge! It’s free, it’s fun and it’s easy. This first challenge of 2020 will be 21 days of MOVEMENT.

That’s 21 consecutive days of movement for 21 minutes or more.

For some of you, that might be a run, or 2 hours on your bike, or your P90X class. For others, it might be a power walk, some yoga or vigorous yard work. For me, it will be a combo of all of the above!


The entire thing will be happening in Instagram at @onairwithella.

  • Do you already exercise regularly? WE WANT YOU, your ideas, your comments and inspiration.

  • Do you exercise sometimes but want some MOTIVATION? YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO JOIN!


  • Do you want a FUN, FREE ACTIVITY to do for free with a buddy or your partner? Then JUMP ON IN!

WHERE? Find us in Instagram...

Tag and drag your friends into this with you and we’ll be doing IG live, IG stories, posts, tips, motivation and inspiration...and accountability!!! Use #21DayswithElla whenever possible and wherever you post so I can find you and share you. (Or you can just watch it all happen - that’s fine too!)


Let me tell you two things are really motivating me to do this.

The last time we did "21 days of Movement," I learned something extremely valuable. I learned that I don’t have to treat exercise like an all-or-nothing thing in my life. I learned that just showing up every day - even if I only had 20 minutes - made a huge difference, especially in terms of my stress, my digestion and my sleep. I literally had less BLOAT because I was moving every day. Not doing cross fit every day. Not running a marathon every day. Just making sure I moved enough to raise my body temperature, break a sweat, every day.

Ok #2 reason why I want to do this now: Friends, I am stressed. I have life stress on. (Anyone relate to that?) And guess what happened? I have been exercising or moving very consistently until the past 10 days or so and that recent inconsistency coupled with my extend high intensity stress has given me stress belly in a big way. I am pretty fit for me right now and I am STILL sporting a 4-months-along pregnant belly. WITH NO BABY. It is 100% stress. (Well, maybe a little stress eating, too.) ANYWAY... I am looking forward to actually calming things down a bit, maybe even intentionally throwing in some gentler movement - and sharing my whole journey with you!


We start Aug 1, 2020. If you're a few days late, SO WHAT?!?! Get on over here and get going!!

See you soon! xx


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