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296: Hypno-Breathwork + the Truth About Making Friends - ft. Corene Phelps

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 296

Corene Phelps is On Air with Ella

Listen here (or everywhere you get podcasts):

In this episode....


  • What is hypno-breathwork and what are the benefits?

  • Can you impact HRV (heart rate variability) with breath work?

  • How SHOULD we be breathing?

  • Get Corene's FREE guided flow state hypnobreathwork session to unlock clarity & creativity


  • Is it harder to meet people if you’re single?

  • Is it harder to meet people if you’re not drinking alcohol (or trying to drink less)?

  • Is making friends with women "tricky?" (Sometimes!) Why and why not?

SUMMER MEET UPS: Washington DC and NYC

Corey and I will hold a meet up in the Washington DC area, AND in NYC if there's interest. We need to hear from you if you're interested! Drop me an email or a DM in instagram!

Corene Phelps on air with Ella podcast


Corene is a woman on a mission to share actionable concepts and contrarian ideas that promote health, wealth, happiness and personal fulfillment.

Corene is a Native Washingtonian who left a successful career in real estate for entrepreneurship, investing, and personal development. She became obsessed with combining the power of peak performance, intuition and purpose to harness untapped potential. The last 10 years have been a journey into spirituality, business, wealth creation, and doing what it takes to create extraordinary impact. Her mission as a Wealth & Leadership Coach & Hypno-Breathwork® facilitator is to help others tap into the power of the subconscious and unlock new levels of wealth, success and freedom.


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