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302: Supplements for building muscle; Clean living for the home; My favorite probiotic + More of what's working for me!

On Air with Ella - podcast episode 302

on air with Ella episode 302

This is where I share 5 takeaways from recent episodes, 4 tips that are working for me that I haven't shared with you yet, and 3 thanks for whatever I am particularly grateful for right now. Also, we are now publishing full transcripts for each episode!


These are tips I picked up from previous episodes. Each episode mentioned is listed below!

1. Supplements I am loving:

2. Instead of saying "networking," I am now saying "building connections."

Changing my language around this, like we have talked about in several episodes lately and with Michelle Nehlen and Christina Wallace, sounds more appealing and natural to me!

3. I am trying to lift heav(ier)!

So after hearing from Dr. Vonda Wright, Selene Yeager and Dr. Carlos Berio, I'm convinced. I am back to weight training, and it's getting some results! If you're just getting started, begin with body weight resistance - planks and push ups are great!

4. The VENN diagram exercise really worked for me.

Christina Wallace inspired me, and here's mine below. You can also see it in my LinkedIN profile. If you want to try this yourself, message me for the template!

venn life  diagram

5. Probiotics that are really working for me

All bodies are different, so these might not have the same impact for you, but here are

the two probiotics that changed the game for me and I am still obsessed with them after sharing in episode 292 - Sleep Better and de-bloat.

oxyceutics gut to glow

  • Oxyceutics "Gut to Glow" - marine-sourced; contains the "super microbe" L. reuteri. I take 2 a day (alternating with the above brand)

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Life hacks, things I am trying and tips for clean(er) living:

1. Laundry:

  • I always use cold water to save $ and to reduce waste... and it works perfectly and is easier on many types of fabrics

  • NO FABRIC SOFTENERS... these softening agent can build up on fabrics and even make towels less absorbent because they're now coated. Also, when you use them, the dryer vent is then blowing airborne compounds called volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) into the air. And the US EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency here in the US, classifies seven of those VOCs as hazardous air pollutants.

2. Shoes off in the bedrooms and air filter / air purifier for bedrooms!

3. Get some cute hooks for clothes in limbo state (between clean and dirty)

4. Tidy up at night to start the next day fresh!


  1. I'm launching a totally new Patreon with exclusive content

  2. Your reviews! Thank you!!!!

  3. I can swim again! That means I can race...if you want to meet up at a triathlon in VA, DC or MD, let me know!!


Episodes mentioned:

Get the full episode 302 transcript here

Let me know what's working for you!


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