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350: "Why don't I feel successful?" - The reason that your success doesn't feel as good as it looks - Michelle Pollack

On Air with Ella episode 350

Michelle Pollack is On Air with Ella "why success doesn't feel good"

Michelle Pollack is a high-performance life and leadership coach who works with women to help them define and achieve their own version of success.

Everyone said, 'OMG, your job is so sexy. It's so flashy and exciting.' And I was miserable.

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In this episode:

  • The real reason that your success doesn't feel as good as it looks.

  • Why do so many high-achieving women seem “successful” but realize in their 40’s that they still feel empty internally?

  • What are indications that women might want to reexamine their definition of success?

  • What are the biggest things that get in the way of women really going after what they TRULY want?

  • What is most important when it comes to redefining success for yourself?

  • Why "work life balance" should come off of the list of things that women are striving for.

  • What do women REALLY want when they say they are looking for balance?

Balance is this elusive thing that women have added to their never-ending to-do list that they're trying to achieve.


Michelle Pollack is a High Performance Leadership Coach and the creator of The Art of Compassionate Command. She works with high-achieving women to determine what success looks like to them NOW so life can FEEL as good as it looks.

Prior to founding Michelle Pollack Coaching, Michelle served as an executive and advisor to creatives, producers, and investors in the entertainment industry on award winning Broadway productions such as Avenue Q and Baz Luhrmann’s La Boheme on Broadway and as a Creative Executive on television shows like The New Adventures of Old Christine, Without A Trace, and “GREASE, LIVE!”.

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