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10 Things I am loving right now for health, mindset & hormones...

On Air with Ella [BLOG]


From books to supplements, to beauty and fitness, here's a list of what's working for me right now...

(For some of these things, I've asked for discount codes for you, and for others, I have an affiliate code. In every case, I reached out to the companies that I love and use regularly. You can learn more about that here.)


I read A LOT of books to scout for great guests and to prep for the show. I learn something from almost all of them, but not all of them are "high-impact," to tell you the truth. When a book sticks with me long after I've read it, or if I find myself referring back to it again, I want to share it with you! Here are three recent reads and their corresponding episodes that have moved the needle for me:

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Ok, I am back in the supplement train. But, instead of just randomly taking things that I hear "are good for me" from various sources, I am much more targeted in my approach and taking some supplements based on recent bloodwork, results I can actually see, and/or recommendations specific to my lifestyle/age/season/etc.

From ashwagandha to creatine to a high quality fish oil (with a 2:1 or 2.5:1 ratio of EPA to DHA), I am feeling better (no more afternoon crash) and looking better (my skin, namely).

Here are 3 things I have not covered on the show yet, but will soon. You're the first to know:

natural thyroid support

1) Daily Thyroid Support - this is a natural supplement that I started taking (after my conversation with Dr. Stephen Cabral - episode 301) when I ditched synthetic thyroid meds. THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, but I suspected that the MD that put my on prescription meds ages ago may have done so somewhat "generically." I switched to this natural supplement and my numbers improved. Again, this is my own experience and it's backed by my blood tests, but you may want to look into this for natural thyroid support If you're looking at preventing or managing hypothyroidism or sluggish thyroid. Talk to your practitioner.

KION Amino Acids

2) KION Aminos - I plan to interview the founder of KION soon to share the science with you, but after my conversations with Dr. Stacy Sims, and reading her books (above!), I knew that I needed to be adding high-quality amino acids to my daily routine on the days where I do hard work outs (especially as a vegetarian!).

Why are amino acids important

Amino acids - "the building blocks of protein" - are the catalyst for nearly every chemical process in your body. They support muscle protein synthesis, muscle gain, brain function, hormone regulation, metabolism, and more. As Dr. Stacy Sims shared with us in episode 310, of the 20 total amino acids, 9 are classified as essential—and of those nine, one is the star player when it comes to muscle protein synthesis. The MVP of essential amino acids (EAAs) is leucine.

Leucine is undoubtedly the most effective amino acid when it comes to building muscle and athletic recovery, supporting these processes in a number of ways...again, I will share more about the science in an upcoming show. For now, you can read about it here:

3) Finally, you already heard Dr. Nathan Bryan talk about the important role of Nitric Oxide for recovery, performance, longevity, etc. on the show, but you also learned with me in real time that he has an NO-based skincare line based on the same science. I was lucky enough to try those skincare products after that show aired (he sent me some!), and I AM OBSESSED. I'm going to have Dr. Nathan back on the show to talk about why this stuff works so well, but in the meantime, you can use the code he gave us to try it for yourself.

Use coupon code ELLA to get 10% off and free shipping here.


Here are a couple of my (somewhat random) recent purchases from Amazon that I am enjoying.

  • RevBalance Balance Board - if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I bought this board and basically made it my entire personality. (FYI - you can definitely find cheaper options, but I liked that this was made in the USA.)

Why train with a balance board?

They're great for building core strength and stability, training muscles around the ankle (great for runners), and improving balance (important as we age). You can read more about the benefits here.

But, for me, variety and fun are two requirements for my training and movement - I just like to keep things interesting, and learning a new skill with a new toy is part of the way that I do that! Right now, I am working on using free weights while on the board. I'll keep you posted on that is going ;-).

  • Acupressure Mat - you already know that I don't meditate. But, I DO make a habit of relaxing, of unwinding, of decompressing. This inexpensive acupressure mat is great for nerve stimulation, improved circulation and muscle relaxation. Ten minutes after a long day is great for desk jockeys and athletes alike.

acupressure mat for better sleep encore: PROBIOTICS THAT ACTUALLY WORK (for me)

I have shared these before, but a lot of you DM me about these, so here they are again!

All bodies are different, so these might not have the same impact for you, but here are

the two probiotics that changed the game for me (and killed the dreaded bloat for real):

herbal flora plus mountain meadow herbs

1) Mountain Meadow Herbs - soiled based probiotic "Herbal Flora Plus" - sorry! I don't have a discount for this one. But, I alternate taking two of these a day with the below and it has made a HUGE difference for real for me.

oxyceutics gut to glow

2) Oxyceutics "Gut to Glow" - marine-sourced algae-based and contains the "super microbe" Lactobacillus reuteri. We talked a lot about this in my episode with Dr. Bill Davis.

NOTE: I take TWO a day every other day (alternating with the one above) - remember, when it comes to gut bacteria, VARIETY and diversity is the name of the game...

These are pricey, so be sure to use code ELLA15 - to save 15% in addition to the 20% “subscribe and save” discount here.


OK, I hope you found this useful. Let me know what else you would like to see me share or review, and I will keep them coming. Hop over to Instagram and drop me a note, or comment here!

xx Ella


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