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221: No Food Rules. Finding True Freedom with Colleen Christensen, RD

On Air with Ella - episode 221

colleen christensen is on air with ella

In this episode, I'm talking to Colleen Christensen, RD about:

  • Food freedom. Finally.

  • Pursuing wellness without obsession

  • No. Food. Rules. - Trusting that we can eating what we want when we want it

  • Common myths around intuitive eating, including: "I won't be able to stop eating junk."

  • Emotional eating and eating past fullness are a part of the human condition

  • Binge eating - our experiences and recovery

  • "Why can’t I stop thinking about food!?"


You might want to listen in order to experience the evolution in "real time"...

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  • 206: Body Image: You are NOT the Exception

  • 215: Weight Loss, Binge Eating & Giving Yourself MORE


See my entire Amazon book collection here, but some of the life-changing books for me include:


Colleen Christensen is a Registered Dietitian who believes in the power of food freedom. Through her social media channels, blog, videos and incredibly popular membership community, The SociEATy, she helps women to stop dieting and start fueling their bodies intuitively- without food rules! As a dietitian Colleen knows the importance of nutrition but also that an unhealthy obsession can be detrimental to our health. Finding the "balance" we're all striving for isn't a mystical unicorn it's 100% within everyone's reach and Colleen guides & inspires others to find this style of food freedom that feels GOOD... mentally and physically!



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