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330: Strategies that sideline women in business; Break through 'the Mirrored Door' - Ellen Taaffe

ON AIR WITH ELLA episode 330

Ellen taaffe is On air with Ella 330


In this episode, Ella talks with author Ellen Taaffe about her concept of 'The Mirrored Door,' and the strategies women often use to succeed in business that unintentionally sideline them.

Ellen’s straight talk is a breath of fresh air - discussing the common pitfalls women struggle with in their professional life. She underlined five traits that often work for women in business, until they don't:

  1. aiming for perfection,

  2. doing everything to please,

  3. attempting to fit into the mold,

  4. operating at breakneck speeds, and

  5. waiting for recognition.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Turn down your Inner Critic’s megaphone, listen to your Inner Protagonist instead.

This chat with Ellen Taaffe is an enlightening deep dive into overcoming barriers and embracing growth. Ready to break through your Mirrored Door?

In this episode:
  • Understanding the glass ceiling and the mirrored door 

  • Courage comes before confidence

  • Strategies that help - and tendencies that hurt - women in business

  • The importance of being your own protagonist 

  • Debunking the 'Queen Bee' syndrome

  • The power of women truly supporting women


ellen taaffe mirrored door

Ellen Connelly Taaffe is a former Fortune 500 executive turned professor, board director, leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and author. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, where she teaches Personal Leadership Insights and is Director of Women's Leadership Program. In her new book, The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women in Place, Taaffe helps women understand and navigate internal and external obstacles to create the careers they desire. 

LinkedIn: Ellen Taaffe

Instagram: @ellentaaffe

Twitter: @EllenCTaaffe

on air with Ella Podcast


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