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LIVE BETTER | START NOW - Miami Retreat 2022 - ft. Kate Tolson

Kate Tolson joined the 2022 LIVE BETTER | START NOW retreat to share two different session that help us tap into our inner wisdom to remove blocks and pursue a more intentional life.


KATE TOLSON, The Energy Gardener [Session 1]

A brief discussion followed by a live guided group session (in light hypnosis similar to a relaxing guided meditation). NOTE: Anyone who has epilepsy or a history of psychosis should not engage in this session.

OVERVIEW: Begin to understand the 'part of you' that feels the need to hold you back from doing what you want next in life, and why it might be doing so. This brief session will help you understand why our unconscious and subconscious minds may feel unsafe and unwilling to make changes in our lives, and how they may cause us to unconsciously self-sabotage in various ways.

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Your subconscious mind will always win against your willpower because it is much bigger and much more powerful.


KATE TOLSON, The Energy Gardener [Session 2]

Modern 'developed' culture has lost the deep, natural connection to our inner wisdom and intuition. We can, however, learn to re-embrace this centered, flowing, and instinctual knowing by developing a heart-coherence practice.

Heart-centered wisdom has far more power than what we can see, hear, or touch, not to mention the numerous physical health benefits of synchronizing your physical, mental, and emotional systems. We can embody our personal and collective vision and values and tap into a sense of purpose in our lives, work, and relationships when we operate from the heart.


Kate is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and energy intuitive coach. She approaches your issue or problem by working with the subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind for a whole transformation - taking from a problem to a growth gift of wisdom.


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