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322: Speak Up with Confidence: from the stage to everyday conversations **free training**

ON AIR WITH ELLA episode 322 - Jacqueline Nagle

Jacqueline Nagle podcast on air with Ella

Listen here (and everywhere you get podcasts):

Speaking Up with Strength, Power & Grace

The ability to speak up and express ourselves is required for personal growth and creating the life that we want. Sometimes, though, we struggle with finding our voice, owning our story, or asserting our opinions and needs.

Jacqueline Nagle, repeat On Air with Ella guest, is a business leader and certified speaking professional. While this episode includes a number of impactful public speaking tips, Jacqueline also provides insights and resources for using your voice with confidence in everyday conversations and in any context. Jacqueline's mission - one that I passionately share - is to actively help women to find, use, and elevate their voices with applicable tools and resources.

In this episode:
  • Speaking with confidence in any context

  • Ditch the affirmations - how to find authentic self-belief

  • How to manage adrenaline and nerves before speaking up

  • Why and how is this relevant to women, who face external and internal hindrances that can prevent us from fully expressing ourselves

  • The bias in AI threatens female voices

  • Why Jacqueline believe the "Power Pose" and "ditching the script" are total BS

  • Belief and fear cannot co-exist - how to move from fear >> to belief in yourself >> to certainty and trust

  • The power of personal story to move others

  • The skills of confidence and persuasion aren't inherent - they can be learned and honed

  • Starting with your "first five friendlies"

  • Inner critic and imposter complex will never fully go away - how to use them to your benefit

  • Investing in intentional speaking skills

  • Jacqueline's new TED talk coaching program (and the course she's offering us for free!)


I. Get the Podcast

Jacqueline's Speaker-Driven Business podcast offers tons of value - get it here

II. FREE access for a limited time to The Confident Voice course (normally $198)

The Confident Voice - FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME

Get the skills you need to stand out and speak with confidence, power and grace.

Includes 9 modules of actionable strategies to transform your speaking confidence.

Apply these skills to all areas of your life - speak more confidently at networking events, pitch an idea at work, negotiate with confidence, and communicate more effectively with those in your personal and professional life.

Special Offer: On Air with Ella listeners can use code ELLA to receive the course free for a limited time. Access it here: The Confident Voice

III. Ready to level up? Join the Speak Like TED program (2024)

Speak Like TED - teaching the TED Talks structure to those who are serious about developing their public speaking skills and opportunities.


Jacqueline Nagle, CSP has forged a successful career dependent on redefinition, evolution, and left-field thinking. For 15+ years, she has successfully trained and advised consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives in the crafts of speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiation, and positioning, and prides herself in conceptualizing and deploying strategies and projects that have driven rapid multiple-8-figure growth.

Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIN



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